CS:GO Team Announcement

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Announcement – CS:GO Main Team

Our new CS:GO Division 3 team is ready and is in progress for the upcoming league competitions.

After the loss of our previous team a few weeks ago and a short break in CS:GO, we now have again an ambitious squad with us, which will start in a few weeks in the Division 3 of 99Damage and ESEA.

Current Roster
👤 Niklas „z1n“ Z. | IGL
👤 Ian „velotai“ W. | Rifle
👤 Maurice „Zyzzg0d“ P. | Rifle
👤 Alexxander „Alex“ U. | Rifle
👤 Daniel „captain“ S. | AWP

We are looking forward to a great and successful time with our new team and will of course keep you updated on the upcoming results.

Welcome to GHR E-Sports!

GHR E-Sports
[Respect – Proud – Focused]

#P L A Y H A R D B E A G E N T L E M A N

➡ You will be able to follow all future results and achievements on social media.



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